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Regional minister offers prayer during coronavirus pandemic

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

GLENDOLEN, Pa. -- Kate Kleinert, OFS, minister of the St. Katherine Drexel Region of the Secular Franciscan Order released the following statement related to the coronavirus outbreak:

Dear brothers and sisters, may the Lord give you peace!  During all this uncertainty, let us do what we do best - pray for others in this situation.  Below is a prayer that I hope all of us will say every day until the situation has resolved. Please share with those in your fraternity who do not have access to a computer. 

Dear Father, Almighty Healer and Physician, we bring our fears, anxiety and petitions to you during this outbreak of coronavirus. Please restore our inner peace so that we can be a shining light to those stuck in the darkness. And let us pray for + All those who have the virus and fear the outcome, may they find their peace in you. + All the medical staff who cannot work from home but need to be in the ‘trenches’ taking care of the sick, may they have the stamina and good health to continue to serve. + For all the working parents who are suddenly faced with their children's schools being closed. Help them to find a solution that does not impact their earnings too greatly. + For all those who are worried, please grant them the peace to get through this time. + For all those working extra hours to provide more test kits, masks and sanitizer, shower them with the ability to keep up their difficult schedule. + And for all the rest of us, please help us make good decisions about where we go and when to stay home, what supplies we buy and how much/many, and most especially keep us calm and filled with Your grace so that we are able to reach out to others in need. We ask these things through the Sacred Heart of Your Son, Jesus. May we be open to Your Ministering to us so that we are equipped to minister to others. Amen Blessings and much love to all!

Kate Kleinert, OFS Regional Minister

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