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January Newsletter and Meeting Agenda

Pax et bonum!

All members will gather on January 15 at 1:30 p.m. in the Chapel for prayer. The Fraternity Meeting and ongoing Formation will follow.

APOSTOLATE: As previously announced, this month we will be collecting Sweet/Low Sweetener for St. Vincent Soup Kitchen.

We are asking 100% participation for this effort from our active members. If you

are not attending the meetings please purchase the items for that month and

bring to the next meeting or drop them off at Theresa or Jim’s house.

The Annual Report is going to be prepared soon. Anyone who owes their Fair

Share please send in.

Words of Pope Francis: “My hope is that our countries and their peoples may find

increased opportunities to work together in building true peace.”

Any Common Fund or Fair Share (Per Capita) send to Theresa Lisiewski. Her phone number is

570 822-0831 if you have any questions.

NOTE: When writing checks, the correct way is: Secular Franciscan Order, St. Joseph’s

Fraternity. Abbreviations are accepted (example: St Jos Frat.)

Theresa Lisiewski OFS

191 Gilligan St

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-4501

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